You finally found and bought your dreamhouse in one of the most beautiful places in Italy…and then? Who ensures the good condition of your home even when you are not there? Who prevents your garden from turning into a jungle of weeds and your refreshing pool from becoming a pond for frogs and germs? Casa & Care does! We do this and much more!
Are you coming with family or friends? You will be accompanied from the airport or station to your home, ensuring that on your arrival the refrigerator is well stocked with products chosen with care and make sure everything is clean and in order. Do you want to organize a party, but do not know where to turn for a good quality catering service or a live band? Contact us and we will surprise you with our original ideas, both innovative and efficient!
In order to be able to enjoy your home in an optimal way, without worries and in total relax, Casa & Care can offer tailor-made services for your needs, but we also have standard packages. Through a personal encounter, we will discuss your needs and requirements, what the features of your home are and what you want Casa & Care to do for you.

A standard package consists of the following services:

Your property will be visited twice a month, during which the following is done:

&   General inspection;
&   Control and management of the mail;
&   Ventilation of your house;
&   Control of any alarm system;
&   Checking the quality of all other services (such as gardening, house cleaning, pool cleaning, etc..);
&   Further inspection will be performed in case of bad weather or other circumstances that require an extra check-up;
&   After each inspection you will receive an update by e-mail.

Price upon request.

The above package can be integrated in different ways, depending on your personal needs. This means it can be extended with cleaning services, shopping service, maintenance of garden and/or swimming pool, transport service to and from the airport or train station, administration management (billing and property tax), participation at monthly meetings of the homeowners association, representation during visits of suppliers, repairs or questions regarding heating and electricity, etc..
Contact us if you wish to receive more information about our standard packages and/or integrated services.For us it will be a real pleasure to make your stay in your home as pleasant as possible and without worries!