You just came back from the notary with a satisfied and proud feeling: you finally became the owner of your dreamhouse and immediately want to start enjoying it! Very understandable, of course, but how do you do that without water, gas and electricity? No internet to send an e-mail at home showing your friends and family the pictures of your beautiful new property and no range on your cell phone so you can’t even share your experiences on the phone?! Casa & Care is happy to help you out in these situations, taking care of the various contracts, making you feel at home as soon as possible in your new house. We also assist you in opening a bank account and making sure that all your bills will be paid automatically, so you won’t have to wait for hours and hours in annoying queues, getting upset by the friendly, but very slow Italian bureaucracy!

Casa & Care has the right experience, (language) skills and contacts to overcome these starting-problems. So you can immediately start to enjoy your new Italian life