Have you found a place to build your home? Have you found that magical place amongst the hills of Umbria or Tuscany where there is a plot of building land but the house you dream of is not there yet? Or maybe you dropped your eye on a beautiful farmhouse that still requires several renovations? No problem, Casa & Care will be glad to help you along this complicated process of permits, architects, surveyors, project management, contractors, etc..

In TV programs you often see people who start with great enthusiasm in a (re)construction adventure in Italy. Often, though, people are not informed enough and therefore their dream could change into a nightmare! Unforeseen expenses and delays, contractors who do not comply with the covenants, building-times that are prolonged, regional laws that change with great speed, communication difficulties because you don’t master well enough the Italian language, etc.., etc. . Casa & Care helps you to prevent these difficulties. It is of vital importance to be as informed as possible concerning all the procedures for a (re) construction. Only when you have enough information, you can get a complete picture of the situation and then be prepared for what awaits you. And as they say, a prepared person counts for two! With Casa & Care, however, you can count on a whole team of professionals and specialists at your service. You will also be assisted you in your own language during the entire time.
Despite all the precautions you might take, you can always stumble on some unexpected obstacle. After all, we are in Italy! It is therefore reassuring to know that you can count on our extensive network of contacts for any help you might need, also when you are away



                                                        Before                                    After

Casa & Care is available with its services even if you have not purchased your property through our company.

What precisely does it mean to be assisted in your own language?

  • To start, we will have a meeting during which we thoroughly discuss all your desires and needs with regard to the project;
  • We then contact the professionals and experts best suited to realize your dream among our network of architects, engineers, surveyors, construction companies, etc.. We will interact with these professionals regarding your project, and they will prepare an appropriate offer according to your requirements and budget. Together we will analyze the budget and proposal, and only after your approval we go on to the next step. This way you will always be the one who decides whom to work with.
  • After the ideas have been turned into drawings and plans, we will discuss and verify that everything is according to your requirements and needs, or if you wish to make any changes or modifications;
    We will keep you thoroughly up to date on permits and requests for documents, without having to involve you personally;
  • When you are ready to start with the actual construction, we will be on site on your behalf, making sure the work is performed according to the agreements undertaken. Of course you are updated during the whole progress;
  • To carry out the activities mentioned above in an impeccable way, there will be regular meetings organized with you and/or with third parties. We can organize these meetings for you and, in case you may not be able to be present in person, we can represent you.

Considering the multitude of tastes, needs and desires of our customers, we believe that not every architect, engineer or contractor is necessarily suitable for your project.Therefore, we will always try to suggest you the professionals that we believe are more suited to meet your personal needs and requests.